Stair Treads are an Affordable, Functional Option for Stair Safety in Buildings


If you are looking for affordable, yet functional, options to a stair runner in your building, you need stair treads from the Floor Safety Specialists. In our inventory, we offer stair treads for nearly any environment possible. In fact, we carry eight different colors, and two different tones. For added light in dark stairways, we also offer non-slip treads that glow in the dark. To learn more about our stair safety treads, keep reading below.


Commercial Stair Treads are Ideal for Use in New Construction


When building a commercial building, it is important to consider stair safety. In addition to everyday use, builders have to plan for emergencies as well. In many states, builders are required to add slip resistant stair treads to all new construction. As a bonus, there really is no better time to add these safety plates than when the staircase is being constructed for the first time. However, stair treads can be applied to any staircase.


Stair Covers can be Retrofitted over any Slippery Staircase


If you have a set of slippery stairs in your commercial building, you will be glad to know you don’t have to tear down the staircase and start from scratch to make the stairs safer. Instead, you can shop with the Floor Safety Specialists. When you work with us, you can get covers that can be retrofitted over any existing stairs.


No Matter where Stair Treads are being Placed, Installation is Easy


Many contractors don’t want to spend a great deal of time fussing over stair treads. Thankfully, this product is extremely easy to put in place. The greatest reason this equipment is easy to install is because each tread is custom fabricated, which makes the stair treads easy to install into new or existing construction.


Why You Should Choose the Floor Safety Specialists


When you buy stair treads, not just any stair treads will do. This is true because stair treads are much more than cosmetic touches. In fact, these treads are huge safety features that prevent people from falling down stairs and can be instrumental in helping people escape a building in case of emergency. For this reason, you need to shop with anti-slip stair nosing experts. In addition to stair treads, we also offer anchors, safety hazard plates, and safety plates as well. Make sure your stairs are a safe environment by ordering stair safety treads today.