Aluminum Stair Treads from the Floor Safety Specialists


Aluminum Stair Treads from the Floor Safety Specialists are ideal for new construction. However, this unique safety tool has a variety of other purposes as well. Since the stair treads stick easily to existing construction, they are ideal for use in renovation projects too. The greatest benefit of stair treads is that it helps people stay on their feet when traveling on stairs. These metal treads are unique because they are created with an aluminum base and epoxy-based filler. As a result of being created with aluminum, stair treads and nosings will not rust. These ingredients are combined together and are expertly bonded to heat-treated aluminum. This combination creates no-slip treads that are ideal for use outside. In fact, these stair treads are so sturdy, they are ideal for use in any busy public stairway. Better yet, these stair treads provide safety and a modern look as well. The safety features of these treads are provided by a gritty surface that aids in preventing falls and slips. In addition to stair treads, Floor Safety Specialists also offers Aluminum Star Nosings. Nosings offer all the benefits of stair treads, but differ because they only cover the front and nose of a stair. To learn more about any of our no-slip products contact us today.



Are you looking for anti-slip stair treads and stair nosings? If so, look no further than Floor Safety Specialists. Both stair treads and nosings are easy to install, and both of these quality, no-slip products offers slip resistance and safety on stairways thanks to a gritty top surface. In fact, metal treads can create traction in any area where slipping or falling is a great concern, specifically stairs covered in snow, sand, or water.  Additionally, either of these products can be used in other areas of the home as well. Any area that is made of wood, concrete, brick, or metal could benefit from the use of stair treads. For instance, boat docks, wood ramps and curbs could all benefit from the use of traction. Ideally, either of these products can be used in renovation projects or new construction too. Since the metal treads and stair nosings are designed to handle high traffic areas, they are also great for use as safety for office building stairways. Better yet, since nosings and treads are created with aluminum, neither nosings nor treads will rust, even when installed outside. Make any indoor or outdoor staircase near or around your home or office a safer place to travel with the use of Aluminum Star Nosings or Aluminum Star Stair Treads.