Bold Step Stair Treads for Superior Safety Traction

For the very best in floor safety for your industrial building, K-12 educational facility retail space, or office, you need superior traction. To achieve this easily, you can purchase Bold Step Stair Treads. This fantastic product uses advanced technology to create a safety stair tread system in even the busiest high-traffic areas. In fact, Bold Step Stair Treads can be used outside or inside a particular area. The non-slip stair treads are durable and can be applied to any existing stairs, and the product is ideal for remodels and renovation projects too.

Why You Should Choose Bold Step Stair Treads.

Bold Step Stair Treads are designed for use in indoor and outdoor high traffic areas. The product uses an aluminum platform and an epoxy-based filler to stick to nearly any surface. This unique combination means these stair treads can be used on any type of surface including existing or new construction.

Laws Regarding Bold Step Stair Treads

It is crucial for business owners, managers, and others to realize that there are new laws coming in regards to the use of safety stairway treads. The laws are being introduced because stairs and stairways are common places where falls, slips, and trips can occur. To make sure people stay safe, many states are requiring aluminum stair treads to be applied in all public business establishments.

If business owners and property managers choose to ignore the new laws, they can get in serious trouble including enormous fines, especially if an accident occurs on the property and no safety treads are in place.

Why Stair Treads Have Become Important.

A significant emphasis is being placed on stair tread safety because of history. For example, during the 9/11 attacks in New York City, people were forced to flee to the stairs when the towers were attacked. When panic set in, people began to fall down the stairs. This caused serious injuries and also prevented other people from exiting the building. Unfortunately, this caused the evacuation process to take longer than it would have if people hadn’t fallen. If the staircases in the towers had stair safety tread applied to them, people may have been able to travel the staircases quickly and efficiently. Non-Skid Aluminum Treads Clean Themselves and are Aesthetic to the Eye.

In addition to preventing falls and slips, the stair treads are also rust-resistant and virtually clean themselves.  Due to their aesthetic appeal, these safety stair treads can be applied just about anywhere.

Since Bold Step Stair Treads can help to prevent dangerous slips and falls in public places and because laws are changing, it is vital to start making these changes today. To help you make these needed changes quickly and efficiently, you need to find a trusted Bold Step Stair Tread resource. For the very best advice, contact us, Floor Safety Specialists, and we will provide sound advice and an amazing product that will help you meet governmental requirements and provide safety to your customers and visitors as well.

For new construction or existing renovation, there is only one sure step.
BOLD STEP® is a safety stair tread system designed for installation in high-traffic areas, both inside and outside. This durable anti-slip stair tread is built into an aluminum platform with an epoxy-based filler and is perfect for new construction. And because it can be easily attached to existing stairs, it is ideal for renovation projects as well. Adding beauty and safety to any project.

Boldstep systems are a colorful, highly durable solution for stair treads, stair nosings, and safety walkway treads. Our uniquely engineered systems include an enduring aluminum platform with an epoxy-based filler, assuring a long life, anti-slip surface that holds up even in heavy traffic areas. Ideal for new construction as well as replacement stairways. Boldstep can be anchored into cement, steel, or wood surfaces.

Other quality features designed with beauty and durability in mind include:

  • 8 vibrant standard colors, Glow-in-the-Dark or custom color capabilities with low minimum order requirement
  • SuperGlow addresses many local laws that require stairs have luminescent properties
  • Chemical resistant and UV stable
  • Non-porous surface for easier cleanability
  • Competitive pricing
  • Meets A.D.A. standards
  • Established North American distribution network
  • Available in widths from 3/4″ to 11″ and lengths up to 10′