About Us

FloorSafety Specialists was created in January of 2013.  We recognized a need for a company that offered products that help enhance the safety in a parking garage stairwell, commercial stairwells, emergency exits, outdoor steps.

A customer wanted us to remove the old rubber stair covers and nosing; scrape off the old adhesive; cut and scarify the concrete; then coat the tread and riser with a non-skid epoxy coating.

The removal of the treads and preparation alone was a huge cost!  The disruption – several weeks of work to prep and allow the coatings to cure – was prohibitive.

Then we found Bold Step…  An extruded aluminum stair tread with an epoxy/grit filled channel that is non-skid.  These stair treads go over existing steps: either wood, concrete or metal.  Floor prep is required, but not nearly to the extent if a coating were to be applied.

Bold Step is made in America. The product is available in up to 12’ lengths with tread depths ranging from 2.5 inches to 11 inches.  There are seven standard colors and a glow in the dark, luminescent option.  There is also the opportunity to add lettering or messages in the luminescent channel.

How did we find Bold Step?  In our search to find a cost effective solution for our customer, we found Bold Step.  Sure Foot Industries sent us some product samples.  We liked the product and began to move forward with a solution for our customer.

Then something else happened…  Late on a winter evening, with darkness outside, we were leaving the office.  Someone turned out the lights in the conference room.  On our conference room table were those Bold Step samples.  The glow in the dark sample immediately caught our attention…  There it was clearly, brightly glowing in the darkness of the winter evening.

In one of those “Ah Ha” moments, we recognized that Bold Step was a product that could save lives!  We recognized that Bold Step was a product with huge potential.  Imagine, as we did back then, that the only way out of a building is down the emergency stairwells and that due to events caused by an emergency, the power and lights are out.  This happens – even with backup generators and battery operated emergency lighting.  It happens, the power and lights fail.

Now ask yourself, “How to I get my guests, customers, patients, family, employees out of a dark building during an emergency?”  That’s the question we asked, and Bold Step was the clear answer.

We realized that in addition to providing a safe surface, that the glow in the dark option for Bold Step could truly save lives.  So we created FloorSafety Specialists.

We are a new company.  A company dedicated to enhancing the safety of America’s buildings, with products made in America.  We are a growing company.  Our network is growing.  We are actively seeking sales agents nationally who are passionate about safety and passionate about selling American made products.  We are also seeking independent contractors to install Bold Step.  If that’s you, then we’d like to hear from you.

Since the day that we first looked at Bold Step, we have sourced a number of other products that enhance flooring safety.  We have partnered with a floor coatings manufacturer to offer a line of safety coatings with added grip.  We will soon be adding these coatings to our web site.

We are currently testing a number of other related products to enhance building safety.  If you know of a product that needs to be marketed, is made in America and will add to the safety of a floor, then feel free to send us an email or give us a call.

Thank you for your interest in FloorSafety Specialists.  We look forward in helping you provide safe solutions to your flooring needs with products proudly crafted in the USA.